Memorial Ashes


While we encourage customers to make their own pieces, we also realize that some people prefer us to make their memorial pieces.  Either way, we will respectfully and lovingly manage the inclusion of your loved one’s ashes.

When coming to the studio to plan your memorial piece make sure that Rebekah will be in the studio and available to help you since all memorial pieces are currently made by or with Rebekah.

While incorporating ashes in cremation jewelry is the most popular end product, ashes can also be included in larger decorative items that can be made to honor their favorite past time.

These hearts were made with a customer for multiple family members.  The twinkle that you see on the ashes is dichro extract (a.k.a. fairy dust or angel dust) which we like to add for a little extra visual interest.  Most of our memorial pendants cost $25+tax.

You choose the pendant shape, the glass and the style.  Depending on glass choice, and your preference, you can have the ashes visible from the front, visible from the back only, or fully hidden.  Only a very small amount of powder fine ashes are needed per pendant (less than 1/4 teaspoon).

If you want a pet memorial pendant, we have little glass paw murrine that can also be melted into the project.

Here are more photos of memorial pieces made by customers with our guidance: