GANSA – Rewards

GANSA Club (our Frequent Fusers Club)

Many of you will want to come back and make more pieces, learn more techniques, and just have fun with us.  We want to be your studio.  Our frequent fuser club, our GANSA Club, is designed to encourage and reward frequent studio fusers and shoppers.


What does GANSA stand for?

Glad you asked!  GANSA is an acronym that stands for Glass Addicts Not-So Anonymous.  I know some fusers feel that addict is not quite politicially correct; they feel that glass enthusiast is better.  However, I am proud to admit that I am addicted to glass fusion and I don’t care who knows.  I love the feel of the glass, the shine and the fact that I make it pretty!


What do I have to do to join?

Membership requirements are easy, just spend money in the studio.  When you make your first purchase we will create a secure account in our business management software that will track all purchases.  You do NOT have to carry a punch card.  Just provide your name each time you purchase something and we will pull up your account.


How do I earn points?

Basically by spending money and referring friends who spend money.  Every dollar that you spend on merchandise, classes or projects accumulates reward points on your account.  If you refer friends to the studio and they tell us that’s how they heard about us we can link their account to yours.  Then, for every referred friend that is linked to your account, you earn points for money they spend in the studio that first visit and during future visits.

Thursdays are double points day.  You get two points for every dollar you spend each Thursday during Open Studio times.  Friend points are not doubled, but still earned at the standard rate.  Not valid for special events or formal classes that just happen to be scheduled on a Thursday.

Watch the calendar for other double or triple point days to recognize special groups of people or celebrate special days.


What if someone else pays for my pieces?

The person that pays gets the points.  If they are willing for you to earn the points on your own account then the payments would need to be made separately with clear instructions to credit your account instead of theirs.


What does GANSA membership do for me?

Membership reward points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, projects or classes.

  • 100 points = Free ounce of standard dichroic glass
  • 200 points = 10% off a single item (up to $20)
  • 300 points = 20% off a single item (up to $40)
  • 400 points = 30% off a single item (up to $60)
  • 500 points = 40% off a single item (up to $80)
  • 600 points = 50% off a single item (up to $100)
  • 700 points = 60% off a single item (up to $120)

(Points have no value except when claimed by the cardholder for redeeming an award. Values of awards, points required for an award, and awards offered may vary from time to time without notice.)


Extra GANSA benefits:

Once you have made a specific number of project and/or mastered a variety of techniques (projects during classes count), you will earn your own CEG apron with your name embroidered on it.

Special GANSA events and discounts.