Hands-On Learning

As a homeschool parent, you invest a lot of time and effort into helping your children learn.  Glass fusion is an art form that is very accessible, since all the work is done with the glass at room temperature, but the amount of materials and equipment needed is quite extensive.  Let us be your studio where you and your students come to learn this exciting art form.

You know that creativity has a positive impact on many areas of a young persons mind.  Bring them in and let their imagination and creativity bloom.  Even if they are not naturally creative, they can still experience  creating by picking one of our projects to duplicate.  Most of the time they end up putting their own spin on a piece when they are duplicating.


Reservations Required

Please call or text (417) 693-4991 to make a reservation for the Wednesday of your choice.  While reservations are required to receive the 5% discount, same day or short notice reservations are often available.  In order for all makers to have a positive experience creating, we do limit the number of children 12 and younger in the studio at one time based on age and the experience of the adult assistants.


Cost & Discount

We have many projects appropriate for kids under $20 including: magnets, suncatchers, ornaments, small dishes, cast hearts, small crosses, pendants, earrings, bracelet, and more.

If you homeschool, come in each Wednesday during the “school year” for an art experience and receive 5% off.  We track all dollars spent and any friends you refer so that you earn points for each visit that will turn into future discounts.  See our GANSA page for more details.


Age Appropriate Learning

Our minimum age for independent creation is 12-years-old, but that’s not a 100% true.  Makers 8-11 will often need some assistance with at least one of the tools due to limited hand strength or coordination.  We do recommend that makers under 11 have an adult assistant with them.

We have a few simple projects for children 5-7 with restrictions.  They must have a 1-1 adult assistant, the child must be able to follow directions, have good impulse control and be able to focus on a task at their table for the length of the chosen project.  We can help guide you with project recommendations.

It is not a good idea to bring younger children into the studio for their safety and for the protection of your wallet. If the child is young enough to be confined to a carrier, I still would not want them near the worktables as glass does not always stay on top of the tables. I wouldn’t want any rogue glass pieces to end up on or near your precious child. If the child is mobile but too young to be fully engaged in a project with you, there are too many sharp edges that they could touch and cut themselves on or finished glass pieces on shelves that could be bumped causing breakage, so I wouldn’t recommend it. They won’t be happy with nothing age appropriate for them to do, and you will be stressed trying to keep them away from all the shiny glass.



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