Studio Story

Mainly because Rebekah and Rafael are passionate about glass fusion and find joy in sharing their excitement and knowledge with others.


We, Rafael and Rebekah, first discovered glass fusion in the spring of 2013 in a friendly little glass fusion studio in Durango, Colorado, called Get Fused Glass Studio.  Pam, the owner, taught us the basics and we were hooked.  Every time we went to pick up the pieces that we had made the last time we were in her studio, we made more pieces.  Since Durango was about an hour from where we were living at the time, heading to the studio a couple of times a week was eating up a lot of our free time, so we built our own studio in our backyard.  We aren’t really sure which one of us is more addicted to glass fusion – we are both pretty addicted!

Having our own studio allowed us to try more time consuming projects and really start experimenting with the art.  Since then we have both visited multiple studios around the country, such as the Sarasota School of Glass and attended a large number of workshops and training classes by many fused glass artists to learn new techniques that we now plan to share in our own glass fusion studio.  Most of the instructors have studios and teach around the country and internationally (Gail Stouffer from Stouffer Studios and the Kiln Frog; Warren Norgaard from Milkweed Arts; Kymm Hughes from Prairie Glass Studio; Patty Gray; Dennis Brady from Glass Campus; and many more).

Moving from Farmington, New Mexico, to Springfield, Missouri, was the perfect opportunity for us to take that next step and open a larger studio.  This allowed us to continue to create in and share our studio and our knowledge with others.

After having our studio open for about a year and a half in Springfield, it was time to pack up all the glass and the kilns and move again.  But this time is was only about 3 miles south to a larger studio.  The new location is more centrally located with a parking lot and room to accommodate larger groups without feeling more crowded.

It is just so much fun to make glass pieces, we love our studio time.  We hope that you will join us for some relaxation, creativity and fun!  Once we build our own group of glass addicts, maybe we can get one of these renowned glass artists to come teach a weekend class at CEG.