Studio Rules

My Studio – My Rules

I reserve the right to make up new rules whenever I feel the need.

Rule #1 – Happy Vibes Only:

It’s my studio and I get to decide who spends time with me in my studio and uses my equipment.  Please show respect to everyone in the studio and foster a positive, creative environment.  Afterall, if we aren’t having fun and enjoying ourselves, what’s the point?

Rule #2 – Respect the Studio: 

Be careful with the equipment making sure that the equipment does not suffer from your use and clean up your workspace when you are done for the day.

Rule #3 – Waste Not, Want Not: 

Do not throw glass away.  Even small pieces of glass can normally be used in future projects so we save all scrap glass.


Rule #4 – Eye Protection REQUIRED: 

Whenever you are using the grinder or the ring saw EYE PROTECTION MUST BE USED.  Equipment orientation is required for everyone prior to using any power equipment in the studio.

Rule #5 – Blood Happens, Keep it Clean: 

If you are bleeding, put a bandaid on the cut.  Most days in the studio are bloodless days, however, even those of us who have been doing this for years still get minor cuts once in a while.  We do take precautions and offer safety equipment, but if you do get even a small cut, we require that you put a bandaid on the cut until the bleeding has fully stopped.  Please do not wipe blood on surfaces or aprons.  If you do get blood on your apron, please let us know so that we can clean it appropriately.  Keep in mind that I don’t have any scars from cutting glass, even though I’ve had as many as three bandaids on one hand in a single day.  Glass is sharp, handle it carefully.

Rule #6 – No Free-Range Children Please: 

All minors must have written parental permission to participate, the appropriate form will be provided by CEG.  Only minors under 8 actively working on a joint project with an adult will be allowed in the studio due to space restrictions and safety concerns.

Rule #7 – Hands Off the Kilns: 

Do not touch the kilns or put anything on top of the kilns.  If they are running during the day they can be VERY HOT and I wouldn’t want anyone to get burned or any property to get damaged.

Rule #8 – No Rogue Glass: 

No outside glass is allowed in the studio without prior permission from Rebekah and most of the time, my answer will be “No”.  My studio uses COE 90 glass and I do not want to risk my stock with glass with another COE.  COE stands for “coefficient of expansion” and refers to how the glass reacts to heat.  If incompatible glass is combined it will likely break in the kiln, ruining your, other customers’ pieces, my pieces or my kiln.

Rule #9 – Cover Consumables: 

No open, uncapped, food or beverage containers on worktables where anyone is cutting glass.  Glass particles can fly in unexpected directions and I wouldn’t want your food or drink to be contaminated with glass.