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I’ve never cut glass before how easy is this, really?

We offer free five-minute walk-in basic glass cutting workshops during open studio times.  I can guarantee that as long as you can hold the glass cutter and control it’s motion, you can cut glass.  We don’t recommend children under 12 independently cutting glass, but they can definitely work on projects with an adult helper who does the cutting for them.


How long does it take to make a project?

Like so many things in life, that depends.  In this instance, it depends on the project that you choose, your preferred work style, how many people are with you and how busy we are in the studio.  Most of the time, projects can be completed in 2-3 hours.  If you are limited on time, just let us know and we will steer you to projects that can normally be completed in your time window.  Once you have a project or two under your belt, this time often gets shorter since you know where everything is and are familiar with the process.


Do I have to show up at the beginning of open studio hours to start a project?

You can show up any time during open studio hours.  We do encourage you to arrive at least a couple of hours before the close of an open studio session in order to allow plenty of time to complete your project.  While we are often available to stay a little late, this is not always the case, especially if there is a formal class or event later that day.


Are reservations required?

While we do not require reservations, our studio space is first come first served.  We often have space available on a walk in basis, but since it is impossible to predict how many people may want to walk in on any given day, if you want to come in on a specific day at a specific time, call ahead and let us hold a table for you.  If there are more than 2 in your party, I would recommend calling ahead.  Short notice and same day spots are usually available.


How soon can we get our finished piece?

Normal turn around time is about a week.  Sometimes we can have things ready quicker than that, but it depends on how busy the kilns are and how many pieces ahead of you are using the same mold.  The absolute quickest we can turn around a flat piece is within about 24 hours.  Shipping is available for most pieces if you live out of town.


What is the minimum age for a maker?

Minimum age for independent creation is 12+ years old.

Children 6 to 11 can co-create with an adult assistant.  We have had children as young as 4 make something simple if their personality fits well with the focus required for the project and as long as they are beyond the age of putting things in their mouth. Safety glass is available upon request for a few small projects.

Desire to be here and impulse control are essential.


Is it okay for me to bring my infant or toddler with me?

It is not a good idea to bring young children into the studio for their safety and for the protection of your wallet.  If the child is young enough to be confined to a carrier, I still would not want them near the worktables as glass does not always stay on top of the tables.  I wouldn’t want any rogue glass pieces to end up on or near your precious child.  If the child is mobile but too young to be fully engaged in a project with you, there are too many sharp edges that they could touch and cut themselves on or finished glass pieces on shelves that could be bumped causing breakage, so I wouldn’t recommend it.  They won’t be happy with nothing age appropriate for them to do, and you will be stressed trying to keep them away from all the shiny glass.


Can I bring food and/or drinks into the studio?

Yes, however, we do not allow you to have open food or drink containers at a table where you or others are cutting or breaking glass.  We wouldn’t want any stray glass to end up in your food or drink.  Just keep it covered is all we ask.  Also, if it smells or looks really good, be willing to share!


Can I bring an alcoholic beverage into the studio?

Not a good idea.  We discourage alcohol before or during the making process, for safety reasons.  Once you are done creating there are a myriad of food and drink options on C-Street within walking distance.  We want you to enjoy yourself, but your safety is our first concern.


What can I make during open studio time?

We have a suggested list of popular projects with prices listed for you to choose from.  These projects are appropriate for beginning fusers and can normally be completed in a couple of hours.  Once you master the basics, you can bring in your own ideas and make projects that aren’t on our list.  We will always be available to answer question and give guidance/suggestions on how to achieve your desired result.


What if I like a project but would prefer a different color scheme?

We encourage you to choose your own color palette. As long as size and basic shape are the same as the original project piece, the standard price would apply.

You can either send us an email, or call us, with your request, or, when you purchase a piece note the custom request in the note box on your order.


Will I ever be charged more than the listed project price?

If you are making a formal project sheet, the prices include all standard glass and any project required extra materials.  While we try to keep prices as predictable as possible there may be times where you choose to incorporate nonstandard glass or materials into your project.  For example, dichroic glass is almost always extra because of it’s much higher cost to the studio.

Once you go off the formal project sheets, there will be more situations where extra fees may apply.  If you want us to drill holes in the piece for you, there would be a charge for this service.  The following is a list of project types that usually have an extra fee:

Clocks: Require clockworks/hands and hole drilling, normally range from $25-$35.

Jewelry: Simple hardware is built into the price.  If you want a fancier finding, those will be extra, $5-$10.

Decals Project: Need images printed with special ink on special high-fire decal paper, approx $8/image.

Wind Chimes: We normally try to include wire loops to string the pieces together If you need multiple holes drilled (up to 12), approx $3.


How is the price affected if I like a project design but want to make it larger or smaller? 

Most project pricing is based on the amount of glass used and the number of times it will need to go into the kiln.  If you like the look of a piece that is larger (or smaller) than what you want to make that day, simply choose a smaller (or larger) piece and adjust the desired style for that size.  If you have any concerns about how this will work, just ask us, we are more than happy to help.  Not all styles will work in smaller or larger pieces, but most will.


What if I want to make more than one of a piece?

You are more than welcome to make multiple pieces, often needed for a set of dishes, just keep in mind that this will take more time and they will not turn out identical.  No matter how hard you try, these are handmade pieces that will have slight differences piece to piece, that’s part of what makes them so beautiful.


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